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  1. Hi Phil, It was for a small documentary I'm making in Costa Rica, second time going there. I wanted to see how natives were living their original lifestyle and went to a village settled 8 hours walking from the closest road. It was quite an experience.. I'm still editing it so there's no footage online yet, sorry !
  2. Hey everyone, Thank you very much for your answers. I've taken them into consideration and this is what I did with the available budget : Power : You were right about the weight of a 12V battery, going towards 5.5V and usb devices was the best mobile solution. I used two 5.5V USB LPE6 chargers, Two 15600 MAH ANKER batteries (pretty big and way cheaper that the 20000MAH), a small 6000MAH battery and an ANKER 21W solar panel. This solution worked pretty well but I needed a backup plan in case I couldn't charge enough with the sun. So I also used a more modular so
  3. Hi everyone and thank you for your interest ! thank you JD, I think I'll be able to find an open area to have sun during most of the day. And the purpose of the controller is to avoid the surcharge and not to regulate the tension, noted ! I'll check witch one I should invest on, do you have any idea about the way of knowing (lets say with 7hrs of sun) how much power a solar panel/controller can deliver ? Hi Robin, I know it sounds nuts and it's ridiculously simple. Santa gave me a Huawei Honor this Christmas, it have the new USB-C kind of plugs. I just bought a U
  4. Hi everyone, I really hope this topic is in the good section, please tell me if I should move this subject somewhere else. Next month I will be shooting in quite a remote area: a rain-forest. Here is a bit how a plan to do it and I hope you'll have some recommendations about it. I'll be carrying a backpack and I have to expect a 2 or 3 day walk. So I started planning my workflow in order to consume the least energy possible and have some power source: - Power source : for now my best idea is to carry a motorcycle battery, it seem to be a good compromise between power/weight. I
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