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  1. Hey all, I am looking for films to reference that have a sequence of action shown in strong close-ups or a series of shots that show movement. Not really a montage - more like showing the process of an event or sport in close-up shots that feel inside the action. Abstract is good, so is slow-mo. Documentary or narrative. I know I have seen many, just having a mental block. Any good ones come to mind? Thank you!
  2. Thanks so much, David. I really appreciate your help. Evil Dead and Tree of Life have both been examples we have looked at... they are great references. I love Seconds, thank you for reminding me of that incredible sequence in the beginning. I'll check out Hunt for Red October. Our camera wants to shadow the character even more... she hunts, so the idea is to mimic that concept in the way that it sees her move through a space and always stays with her. My biggest challenge now is to try and realize the best execution... I know it is best as steadicam (as we want the floating smoothness) but the organic intuition and intimacy of handheld is ideal, in theory. I am not considering a Movi as I don't think it is the best tool or workflow for us. We are intending to test the possibility of stabilizing a handheld shot, but I still am drawn to the objectivity of a camera on a steadicam. Perhaps it will end up being a combination of both.
  3. Hey all, I'm looking for examples of a "follow" type of shot -- in which the camera seems to stalk or hunt. Not so much a POV shot but instead something that follows a person as they move through a scene or landscape. Let me know if anything comes to mind! Most likely would be steadicam, but also looking into Movi or handheld. Thank you!
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