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  1. Really appreciate the responses. Seems like the Lumix line can definitely be a viable option with its own advantages, but I think that going for a couple Rokinon lenses and potentially a speedboster will be by move. That way I can have prime lenses like I want; and I was probably going to get an adapter anyway. Edit: And I think that's a good point about the crop factor being somewhat less relevant, considering you can go pretty wide with Rokinon anyway, granted with questionable quality
  2. Yeah thats pretty much what I was thinking. Also, when picking lenses, should I consider the crop factor of a micro 4/3. Like, for example, if I was considering a canon 50mm 1.8, should I basically consider that a long lens on the micro 4/3? I know the whole idea of converting it based on what a full sensor sees doesn't change the nature of the focal length, but I just want to be strategic about picking first glass.
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking to get lenses for a new GH5 body. I was wondering if anyone had advice regarding first lens purchases. Would it be smarter to just get the Lumix line of lenses so I don't have to get an adapter right away. Or for future abilities, should I just get, for example, an EF adapter and some Canon glass. I do have somewhat of a limited budget and I would prefer to buy two or three primes instead of a zoom. Also any advice on the speedbooster and its value would be appreciated. I realize that was a lot, but any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Yeah that sensor on the a7sii is definitely attractive. But I can't say I have a particular need for that degree of low-light capability. The GH5 is also cheaper, which is a consideration. Is there any potential drawback with a micro four thirds sensor, specifically in terms of buying lenses?
  5. Hey guys, I know this is the Panasonic subgroup so I might be guilty of sampling bias, BUT I'm looking for a new camera body in the price point of around $2000. This is for a wide variety of applications including short narrative, documentary, music video, stills etc. Just an all around camera to play around with that is of semi-professional quality. After some research and discussion, I think I'm between the GH5 and A7sii. Does anyone have any opinions or recommendations of which they think is better? Thanks a lot!
  6. Hey guys, pretty basic question here. So I'm about to shoot b&w on a Nikon d800 for the first time, using the monochrome preset. The set is an interior and the look they're going for is a smoky jazz lounge. Does anyone have any basic tips for lighting and camera settings when doing b&w on a dslr? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  7. Thanks for all the detailed responses. Yeah I've decided to go with mostly 50d and some 250d for the day interiors. I'll be sure to being plenty of ND's and a polarizer too. Thanks again!
  8. Hi guys, so I have a short shoot on 16mm coming up. I'l be doing mostly day exteriors in open, desert-like locations with a few car interiors and daylight interiors with decent window coverage. I figured I would do 50d for the daylight exterior so I don't have too much grain / have to fuss with lots of ND. Is 50d too slow? As for the car/daylight interiors, should I get a 250d or something more like 200/500T. All my light will be available light and mostly sunlight. So can 250d perform daylight indoors or is a 500t better for flexibility? Let me know what you think. Thanks
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