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  1. Yep. A nice 600' roll of it. The still frame above just came off our scanner. A client brought it in. All they know is that it was professionally produced, although they are unsure of when. That's all I can find out of the providence of it. The leader was missing/damaged and there's no information there. It just starts with the typical 10-9-8... countdown. @ Simon that's brilliant. Thank you very much
  2. Hello all, I've run across an odd reel of 16mm and am trying to identify the type of sound track. It looks like the reel has 6 tracks of optical sound squished into the optical track, but that's absurd and ridiculous. Has anyone encountered this before or have a better idea what I'm looking at? Assuming this is what it looks like, anyone know what sort of setup would have been used to create or or play it back originally?
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