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  1. Thank you, I will research further into this!
  2. When shooting a NIGHT EXT Wide, how should I best go about hazing it to show the light sources? And also, what's the process if I wanted to haze a DAY EXT Wide? Thank you!
  3. Hello Cinematographers, When lighting daytime shots. I get lazy and just bounce light with a reflector on my subject, or just overhead a 12 x 12. What kind of lighting setups or references can I use to make my daytime shots more appealing and thoughtful? Thank you.
  4. I totally understand with your illustration of the cabinet maker, and as I result I must say I agree with your sound reasoning. Thanks for your feedback! You're the coolest!
  5. Thank you for your referenced feedback! I will read more on the government websites you posted in regards copyright law.
  6. Good afternoon, Quite frequently I've come across stories of DP's having their work altered by studios and/or producers. Most commonly I've heard about LUT's being a cause for complaint, yet I've also heard such extreme examples of Producers changing a 2:39 film into a 16:9 film so It could be a series of close ups. This left me with 2 questions: 1. Do DP's have any rights or legal basis to protect their vision for their work? 2. If a DP or Cam Op records footage, how does it become the Studios intellectual property? What is the legal basis?
  7. Thanks Adrian! Your advice rocks! I will work to apply it.
  8. Hi everyone! Hope your having a great week! I have 2 questions today: 1. What personal decisions or events made the biggest difference in starting your film career? 2. What qualities or skills should those aspiring for the camera department have in order to improve chances of a successful career? Thanks! -Carlos
  9. Thank you for this event notification! I love the still work of A.S.C members, so I'll be sure to inquire about attending :) -Carlos
  10. Hi everyone! I was reading that the Arri SXT and Sony F65 use Mechanical shutters, while other cinema bodies have rolling and global shutters. What exactly does the phrase "mechanical shutter" mean in relation to these cinema cameras? I'm pretty confused, since I thought there was only global and rolling shutters. Sorry for such a naive question; but I would like to know :) Thank you! -Carlos
  11. I wish I had gotten more shots in depth of the cranes and cameras. I'll be sure to do that at the J.L Fisher open house. Thanks for the feedback! :D
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