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  1. I am interested to hear from anyone who may have a opinion on this, I would like to know which lens is better ..and why? Angenieux 8-64mm f1.9 lens Vs Schneider Kreuznach 6-70mm f1.4 lens I know the Schneider is a faster lens and slightly bigger zoom, but in overall glass and..picture quality..that kind of thing.. which one would you choose..and why? Any info on this would be much appreciated. Thanks John
  2. I have seen where some people use 5 baths to process E6 film, and others only use 3 baths. Is their really a big difference between them? And also if you have a Lomo tank can you process a 100ft roll of 16mm film, or do you have to cut it in half to do the job...I know their are different size tanks you can get, but if you bought a 30m tank could that do the whole lot, or is it to difficult to get all the film in there. Thanks John
  3. Would anyone know how to test a Beaulieu R16 camera if you don't have the battery or power supply. I have seen like alternative power supply for this camera, does anyone know where to get one, I am not looking for the original battery as I think that may be to expensive mainly something just to see if it works. Thanks
  4. What would be the best Nikon lens to use on a Bolex H16 Rex1, I have the F-mount to C-mount adapter but was wondering what size of lens would be best for this camera. Mainly shooting wide shoots. If I was to use a 50mm prime lens would I have to look out for anything that camera will or will not pick up because of the adapter I am using. Thanks John
  5. Thanks guys for the good info. I have another question.. with the Nikon lens do I need to have the aperture actuation lever that comes with the adapter? Thanks
  6. I have a chance to buy this lens Sony 12.5-75mm its a C-mount. Will this lens fit on my Bolex H16 Rex1 without the use of a adapter? and if yes will I have any focusing issues? Thanks John
  7. I have a chance to use some Nikon lenses with my Bolex H16 Rex1,if I got a F-mount to C-mount adapter would I have any focusing issues? I know it can depend on what lens I use... but in general lets say I am using a 50mm lens would that work fine? Thanks John
  8. I would like to know which anamorphic lens to put in front of a K3 (super 16) version to film in scope. K3 lens is the standard Meteor 17mm-69mm. Thanks John
  9. I was just curious to know which lens is better a Fuji F1.8 17.5mm- 105mm or the Meteor 5-1 17-69MM. And also which would be a overall better camera to use..assuming both lens on each camera were the same. Krasnogorsk K3 or the Beaulieu R16. Thanks John
  10. Has anyone ever used a Navitar 1.8 11-110mm or any Navitar lens on a Bolex H16 . I have seen one for sale and the guy says that they are a very very good lens ( but don't they all say that!!) so I was curious to know how good they really are. Thanks John
  11. I was wanting to shoot some night shots of Christmas lights,store windows that kind of stuff. I was wondering which would be the best speed of film to use for the best results. Kodak 200T, 500T or maybe 250D. It would be shot on 16mm. It is a K3 with the standard lens F/1.9 17-69MM. Thanks John
  12. Hi AJ Thanks for you post,I do not attend any school or college here is AZ...when you said SCC did you mean Scottsdale Community College? Can you remember when using the Canon did you get any kind of flash at the start of a new shot? under/over exposed? John
  13. I was wanting to know if the Canon Scoopic starts as soon as you hit the trigger and stops the same way, like a super 8mm camera would do therefore no exposed frames at the end of your shot or the start of the next. I know that a lot of electric cameras need a few frames to get up to speed thus having this over/under exposed at the end of each shot. Anyone on here who actually owns one and has shot a few rolls of film through it, could probably give me the answer to this. Thanks John
  14. I was wanting to know if the Bolex EBM 16mm camera will shoot instantly when you press the trigger like say the super 8mm cameras, or will it take a few frames or seconds to get up to speed. Thanks John
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