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  1. Thanks everybody for all the helpful tips & comments! I'm expecting my Canon 514XL to get delivered somewhere next week and can't wait to document my travels in Super-8!
  2. Cheers Nick, thanks for sharing! One last question and then I'll try to stop bothering you. But did you use any ND filter when shooting with 200T on a bright sunny day? If so, which nd filter would you recommend?
  3. I can live with the 600g weight of the 514xl, but thanks for the site, I'll have a look! Especially since it's in my hometown of Amsterdam :)
  4. Nick, you have shot using a range of different film. Would you mind explaining which type of film worked best for which specific situation, in regards to the 514XL in your opinion?
  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate all your input! I just made a bid on a Canon 514XL on ebay, that's being sold by a camerashop that claims to have checked the device and comes with a three month warranty.
  6. Nice, that's good to know. Any suggestions for online shops that sell functioning 514xl's? I'm not too keen on going through ebay, due to the risk of buying a non-functioning camera.
  7. Thank you for the info, I appreciate it a lot! If I'm not mistaken, Kodak stated that they wanted to reissue Ekta film by the end of this year. I know I can manually correct the exposure, but if I'm now in the position to opt for a camera that automatically recognizes it, why not. The Canon 514XL does sound nice, I'll have a look at it. I'll keep the wein-cell batteries of the Nizo 561 in mind.
  8. Hi everybody, I was hoping to get some advice over here, as I'm just getting into the world of Super-8 cameras. I'm on the hunt for a Super-8 camera with the following features: Lightweight and not too big, since it will mainly be used to document my travels around the world Not too fragile, as again I will bring it on hikes and the likes. So it will have to be able to endure a life in a backpack. Split-image focusing Recognizes the 64 ASA speed Easy to operate. Although I'm in the animation business myself, I'm actually not aiming to use this camera for professional productions.
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