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  1. Hello!! Thank you so much Miguel for the detailed reply!! we thought of turning the bed because the window is a backlight in this case but realized that both characters are turned and talking to each other at all times so the window is to their side so the light coming in is basically KEY from side. How much is the rental of The roscopanels?! for the lights outside, how close did you have to put the Roscopanels?? since we have set up a small rig with rain near the window? i was thinking of led but was told that it is risky because it might not give enough output to show the rain. What do you think if i put a 1.2HMI on the big window far back with a 6x6 diffusion OPAL, and another smaller one or a joker 800 from the smaller window Or, or if any advice of light>? and to fill i can bounce inside a joker 400 and a practical lamp on their side. with WB set to around 4400, ( 640 ASA OR 800 for the red scarlet mx?) And i wish i could have used other lenses but director has no budget so we are using the Rokinon. any idea of having a small light constantly with me for eyelight?! a small led diffused and dimmed would work!? Thank you so much Miguel.
  2. Also: as american beauty reference but with additional practical lamp lit in frame tungsten. So WB should almost be in between both? around 4500? thank you!!
  3. Hello, any idea of how to light this bedroom night scene!? 1- large window behind actors that will be visible in the wide shot as background. 2- smaller windows on each side but right right side will be used and will be seen. ps: it is raining outside. director wants it lit naturally from outside Very light bluish white with a practical lamp on the left side of the bed but i am worried that the window is exactly behind them. i have a distance of 15feet outside of the window. shooting with red scarlet mx, 800 ASA. Rokinon Lenses. Attached is the location. and 2 references, ( lost in translation , minority report) Not as blue as minority report.
  4. Hello, Thank you Jay Young for the reply. for the heavy ND , other than the pictures in the slides, i also have exterior beach location (day+sunset)
  5. Hello Everyone, My name is Vicken Joulfayan, and I am a new member here! I am a graduate student at the New York Film Academy in the Masters in Filmmaking program but my focus is primarily on cinematography. I am the DP for seven master thesis film projects, two of which are scheduled to be shot in the next several weeks, and am in need of advice for lighting. Although I have researched a lot and have a general idea of how to light each project, I need your advice in deciding which exact equipment to rent. The projects have budgets but they are minimal. I've embedded links to the first two projects I am working on in June, and they include the location image and overheads. Project 1 : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByO5kv_UG9-NQkxDekNQdHZRdkE/view?usp=sharing For the bedroom night scene, we are recreating rain outside the window ( the space is visible in the picture, which is almost 3 feet, and then there is 6 feet downhill grass. The light will be put there at the bottom of the slope). Project 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByO5kv_UG9-NSnd3eDdLbUNnRjg/view?usp=sharing I am trying to keep it as simple as possible when it comes to lighting this one if it is a possibility. For both projects during day and night scenes, all the locations have big windows. I was thinking of 1.2hmi? par? or maybe Led even? Example aputure lightstorm ls1s) and additional fill IF needed inside, and practicals. Would I need a bigger frame than a 4x4 if i have exterior shots ( backyard shots)? I want to be able to see inside( characters) well exposed yet also have the outside location exposed ( outside logically more but still clear) without having the need to light so much additional light inside (tosco scrim black). Would a small LED be effective to create eye-light? Also we get 10 tiffen filters of our choice, Iwas planning to get these after research: - IR ND 1.2 / 1.5 / 1.8 - ND.6 ND.9 soft grad - Black pro mist 1/8 1/4 1/2 - Soft fx 1/2 - 1 + there is this grant where i can chose 6 full rolls or equivalent from LeeFilters that i am applying for. What do you guys recommend as primary to have!? cto, and ctb i think would be sad to have full rolls of! My choices are: 1- OPAL 2-GRID CLOTH 1/4 .. 3- HIGHLIGHT 4- ND 5- + - green. ? Equipment: Red Scarlet Mysterium X, EF mount. Lens given from school : Rokinon I also have the option of renting (POSSIBLY ) either zeiss CP.2 ,Canon Cine primes or Leica R cine mod. Which do you advise?! I really appreciate any feedback! Thank you in advance! Best, Vicken Joulfayan (818)224-9124 Vicken@joulfayan.com
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