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  1. So I will be shooting a short miniseries (as a cinematographer) within a few weeks. The production will be using Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K as our A camera and Sony a6500 as our B-cam. Most of the scenes will be shot A-cam only - especially interiors with good lighting. Sony a6500 will be used as our lowlight camera, since there are some night exteriors that Ursa won't be able to handle. The a6500 will also be used as a rigging camera (car scenes, gimbal etc.). There are also some dialogue scenes that call for two camera setups. Canon EF lenses will be used on both cameras. We will be shooti
  2. Hi, I was browsing through different online shops for some bargain split diopters (a set of filters, 77 or 82mm), but I haven't found anything reliable yet. I don't have the budget to spend on new filters for 200+ dollars. Does anybody know where can I get used, cheap and sharp split diopters? Any help would be appreciated :)
  3. Michael, thanks for the kind advice :) I will definitely prepare call sheets, use walkies and feed em' well ;) Half of my locations consists of exteriors and the other half interiors. Most of the locations represent a full scene. Most of the interior locations are not more than a 15 minute walk apart, although most exteriors are as much as 1,5h drive apart. As I wrote in my original post, I plan to shoot the film in the span of 5-6 months, since the story starts off in winter and concludes in spring/summer. The shoots won't last longer than 10 hours. I was thinking about squeezing al
  4. So I wrote a script for a short film. It is not the first one and it won't be the first project I have ever made. But this is my biggest project yet and will be requiring some financing in range of an extremely micro budget - around 2000 dollars. The short film will be about 25-30min long. The title is Helmina - it is a psychological drama film. I am a 17-year old student filmmaker with aprox. 5 years of experience in filmmaking. I have written, produced, directed, shot and edited several short films, some of them winning different awards at several student film festivals in my country.
  5. This is a short film I made in Oslo. Feel free to critique, comment and maybe share :) Thanks! Martin
  6. Thank you very much for your feedback Frank! The homeless person shot is one of my favourites too :) Well for the CC... 1. Yes, it is indeed a mistake /something I didn't really "finish" in post (festival deadlines). The film wasn't completely shot on one type of camera and some scenes were also shot in various weather conditions (yeah, it sucks, but we had no time), so it was extremely hard to master matching all of those grades. It is something I will have to be more careful on my next shoots and also in post. 2. Interesting opinion :) It was the writer/director's idea and I jus
  7. Love it! Like the cute story and cinematography style. What was it shot on and what did you use to grade it? The lighting looks great too! Did you have any problems lighting the home-depot scene? Added to liked videos on Vimeo :) Martin
  8. This is a short film I shot earlier this year - Buden (Awake; directed by Simon Moe and Lara Lovrič). I also worked as a 1st AD, editor, producer, sound designer and colorist. The language is Slovene but it has HQ English subtitles. We are enthusiast student filmmakers with aprox. 4 years filmmaking experience. International festival Zoom 11 chose this film as one of the "Top 10" film (503 were submitted).I would be very happy to get some honest feedback, specifically on my cinematography. Majority of the film was shot on Canon EOS cams, the slow-mo sequence was shot on Sony A7s and some inte
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