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  1. this is all great stuff guys thank you so much. some these i have heard of, and others i am actively checking out
  2. i enjoyed that film, but i wouldn't say it was experimental. i would say that it was a badly written comedy. There is a reason Tom Green doesn't make movies anymore. Hans Richter, Stan Brakhage, Jonas Mekas, and Pip Chodorov are all experimental film makers you should check out. they make films not hollywood b movies. Hans Richter actually made the first experimental film in history, and its only about 3-5 minutes long. its true art. Film introduced a new medium to artists...which was time. artists could now capture things in real time. they are the cutting edge of avat garde, they are free radicals. without these guys I just mentioned we wouldn't have modern film techniques as we know them today.
  3. Hey there, i was just wondering what some of your favorite and most inspirational experimental film makers are. Mine is Hans Richter, the way he uses film as an extension of his paintings is, to me, life changing. I have had a film showcased in a film festival that was influenced by his work. i first heard about him in a documentary called "Free radicals: a history on experimental film". i want to know what you guys like because I am constantly looking for new ideas and influences for my work.
  4. thank you very much. im using a Keystone k25 capri, so i think its regular 8mm because its not a cartridge. although it has perfs on both sides. so Im not sure what kind of 8mm it is. Also, i live in New Hampshire, so Im about an Hour and a half from Fall River!
  5. hey guys, I recently got into 8mm film making. i specialize in the avant-gard and experimental side of the art form. I have very limited resources and experience with it though. if anyone could tell me the best places to get film, and get that developed. where the best place to get editing tape; so on and so on. I'm a musician by trade and write film scores. i've only ever made digital recorded movies, so film is some what new to me. I have the 8mm camera and projector already and one roll of film. i just need your help. Hans Richter is my hero
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