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  1. Yeah did that with rodinal and caffenol ended up with a black negative. C41 dissolved the emulsion.
  2. I found out what the film was, Ektachrome 7255. I don't suppose anyone has any suggestions on how to process it. I have 2 full mags left.
  3. Thanks again for the replies. I tried developing with 3 different processes rodinal stand, caffenol and C41. The C41 turned the emulsion into goop and the rodinal and caffenol turned out a black negative so Im guessing the film is one of those ME-4 or like type processes. So, Ill fill the empty mags with some film I can process and enjoy my grandparents old 16mm camera.
  4. Ok so the term remjet is the process not what the backing is called? Also, I asked the question in my last post incorrectly...What I meant to say is, are there any black and white films that use the black gelatine layers?
  5. I exposed a reel and cut a few test pieces. It's double perf and has remjet. Are there any color films that use remjet? What's the best way to go about identifying the film? Here's a pic of the emulsion side. I was going to develop in Caffenol, Rodinal (stand) and C41 with some test strips. Thanks for the replies.
  6. That's what I was thinking but all the gun mags I've seen online have that textured finish and are stamped property of the us govt. These have a smooth finish and no stamp. Maybe they could be a later model I guess. One other thing, the supply side doesn't take a normal spool, rather it's a small spool and clip like the takeup side. Should make reloads interesting.
  7. I'm fairly certain the four that are taped and have film in them are unexposed, since they're all showing 50ft left. Usually these mags are stamped property of Kodak and the thought the military ones were stamped property of US Govt. I figured I would expose one then cut a few test strips and see how it goes.
  8. Sorry, here's the picture that should have been in the original post. The only other info on the mag besides telling which way to load is that its a type U magazine.
  9. Hi, I bought these 16mm mags and thought they were all empty. I have a few of them still loaded (unexposed) and just wondering if anyone has any idea what type of film would be in them. I have no idea how old they are and havent seen any markings. Thanks in advance.
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