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  1. This SmallHD 702 Bright is brand new and in the box. The box has never been opened. As such the monitor is still covered under SmallHD's warranty. The 702 Bright is an incredibly bright, on camera, monitor that allows camera operators or 1st ACs to see the screen in daylight without a sun-hood. Which if you've ever tried pulling focus off of a Shogun, or some such monitor/recorder that has a really low nit count, in the daylight it's a disaster. The 702 has really convenient features that make life on set a lot easier. In addition to the brightness the 702 natively takes Sony BP style batteries as well as Canon LP-E6 batteries. The 702 is also able to receive SDI and put out through HDMI, or vice versa, if you ever had that need. In a lot of ways it's a really versatile monitor that's worth taking a look at. The highlights of this monitor are as follows. Specs:*7" Daylight Viewable 1080p Display *1000 cd/m² Brightness *1000:1 Contrast; 179° Viewing angle *HD-SDI and HDMI Inputs and Outputs *Dual L-Series and LP-E6 Battery Support
  2. Apologies if this question has already been addressed, but by what I could tell actual mathematical calculations haven't been brought up. Right now I have an Alan Gordon Mark V director's viewfinder. I'm trying to figure out what the exact focal lengths (Give or take 2-3 millimeter) would be for commonly used sensor sizes such as full frame, Canon aps-c, and the Red Scarlet. After calling Alan Gordon this is what I know for sure. The 35mm window is based off of super 35 3-perf film, 24.9 x 13.9. My baseline that would remain consistent on the viewfinder for these calculations would be the the 35mm window with a 16:9 aspect ratio. My question is as I find out the crop factor each sensor has in relation to the viewfinder do I need to apply that 16:9 aspect ratio to the sensor sizes? This part confuses me. In my mind I would want to leave the sensor sizes untouched. I suppose I'm just thoroughly confused. If someone can shed some light on what would be an appropriate course of action to take in figuring out what formula to use I would be so grateful.
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