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  1. Canyonlands National Park on the X-Pan with Cinestill 500t. xpan-cinestill-500t-005test2 by Alex C, on Flickr
  2. 6. Children watching movie being filmed... - Batumi, Georgia 2008 Canon 5d Mk1 50mm I also shoot with Fuji GW690 (6x9 Rangefinder) 90mm and 65mm lenses :) That last one is intense!
  3. I use Citizens Photo in portland for all my color film. Best place I've found for large format--no surging or problems with chemistry there.
  4. Some recent color 4x5 late at night at a waffle house. Portra 160 COLOR-4x5-SUMMER-002 by Alex C, on Flickr Waffle House at 11pm by Alex C, on Flickr
  5. Jumping in on this, I just got a 16H as well but am having a slightly different problem. The front shutter button is sticky to the point where when it's pressed the camera almost runs in M mode and doesn't always disengage cleanly. Other than that it seems to run well. How big of a problem is this and where are good places to get a CLA?
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