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  1. Selling 'Nancy' - an Arri Alexa EV. Camera was purchased a year ago, and has 2899hrs. Camera has been lovingly maintained, and is in full working order with the latest firmware. The full kit includes the Odyssey 7Q+ monitor/recorder that has the RAW license activated. You can access the ARRI Raw and extended resolution formats via one SDI cable, with 2 cables needed for highspeed. The camera has the high speed license activated also, and uses the SxS module. All images available for serious buyers. Full kit includes: - Arri Alexa EV (highspeed license included, up to 120fps) - V-Mount Plate (with P-Tap) - Top Handle - Leveling Block - Arri Flight Case (innerspace) - Shoulder pad - 3x128GB SxS Pro+ Cards - 2xSxS Thunderbolt card reader - Wooden Camera and Arri Official AC Power cable - 2xHigh Speed 3G-SDI Cables - Odyssey 7Q+ - 2x512GB SSD's - 1xUSB 3.0 SSD cable - Official Odyssey sun hood - Official Odyssey non-glare screen wrap - Portabrace weather sleeve for Odyssey 7Q+ - AC Power cable (Odyssey) - 2xP-Tap power cable (Odyssey) - Magic Arm All the gear has been professionally used and maintained. No issues with any of the equipment, and some original boxes that I have for the Odyssey will ship with the kit. There are plenty of higher hour packages out there, without the raw capabilities of the Odyssey in the kit, around the $15K mark. Asking $10,000 plus shipping. This is a steal! Please email me directly at jon@backtoawake.com for information and any additional images or tests you want carried out. Camera is located in Santa Monica, CA.
  2. Had this lens for 4 months, is as new and has all the original box and packaging. Purchased for a short, after less than 18 days use, its needs a new home. Its an amazing lens, super sharp and lightweight. You can see the Abelcine in depth review here: https://www.abelcine.com/articles/bl...-compact-zooms Asking $11,500. Based in LA. jon@backtoawake.com
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