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  1. Good evening from Spain! I have a shooting in two weeks where they want a rear projection, it's an exterior day and we have a 6500 lumens projector and a 300x225 cm retroprojectable screen. Will I need more lumen output in the projector in order to have my image sharp? I've done this before but not in shootings, just in live events, where the projection quality is not mandatory to be clean and sharp. I will pack some additional large black cloth to try blocking sun going through the screen, but I'd appreciate some more tricks! Thanks a lot and happy new year!
  2. Well that's nice to hear, that was the impression that gave to me, it was shot two stops wider than the other shots, with the lens wide open in fact because we didn't had enough lights, that's maybe the problem. Thanks for your reply!
  3. First of all, good evening from Spain. I'm not an active poster but I'm an active the reader, despite that, I haven't find a solution or an explanation for my problem. Some days ago, I was shooting a music clip, I had a BMPCC camera with Kiev16U Vintage Lenses, those are small russian ones that work pretty fine. My problem appeared while we were watching the recorded clips. I had some shots that were sharp and detailed, like these: But I had some other ones that were not as sharp, I was shooting that with the same lenses but those are not as sharp as the other ones: So I was wondering if you guys know what can be the problem of this. I've thought in a lack of signal in the house frames, I've tried to push focus digitally, but I only get grain, while in other images that I've recorded on purpose with close focus I get that little sharpness needed to get a "focused" frame. I also thought that could be a lens problem, but we recorded the purple frames with the same lenses, so that was discarded. I've asked this on my University, because I'm still studying, and no one can tell why that happens, thats why I'm here, asking you guys, because I've learnt more in this forum than in four years of degree in Audiovisuals, I'm sure that you will have an answer for that! I don't know if the section is the correct one, I think that should be posted here because I've already shot it, and nothing can be done now. And, by the way, any critics on that frames would be helpful too! Thanks! EDIT: The pics are screenshots from my mobile phone, in the RAW files we had the same problem, so it's irrelevant.
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