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  1. I was planning on purchasing another Canon EF to modify it to PL for specific cases. I certainly want to keep one of them EF. If they removed the mirror, the shutter of the 5D still operated correctly? They'd just be shooting in the dark I assume.
  2. I know there's a PL lens to EF body adapter by fotodiox, but they only cover specific older PL lenses which have a max rear element of 14mm.
  3. Hi, Are there any companies or products that will allow the adaptation or modification of a Canon EF mount body to become PL? I would love to use PL glass on a Canon body.
  4. I've been doing some researching on how best to stabilise older Kodak motion picture stocks. The stock i'm trying to stabilise is Kodak EXR 100T. From what I've found online, apparently the solution will have to contain 37% formalin mixed with a standard wetting agent like photoflo. I'm however confused with what wetting agent to go with. I read up that Kodak photoflo is intended to be used for black and white stock, yet I see a lot of people also using it for color negatives. Would a photoflo 200 solution mixed with an added 10ml of 37% formalin be an appropriate solution to stabl
  5. Yeah, I'd likely need a spectrometer from Sekonic, can rent one thats fine. Or what phil said sounds promising.
  6. I've already done a clip test to establish dynamic range. But I want to find a way to test the individual sensitivity of each dye to particular wavelengths of light.
  7. Nothing serious, I've already tested basefog and its at -4EV. So only really 2 stops higher then it should be in factory condition.
  8. This stock is so old that I can't for the life of me find any ungraded log footage of it when it was in factory condition. The only point of reference I have for the look of Kodak EXR 100T is the movies that shot on the stock after going through their own unique DI grading process, or people testing the stock 20 years expired. Which in both cases isn't useful. Any older cinematographers care to share some log scans of this stock?
  9. I'm trying to test the spectral sensitivity of an expired Kodak motion picture stock. How would i achieve this? Would i expose the film to isolated wavelengths at a single exposure value to see how each dye in the film responds after development?
  10. What would be the objective in knowing how fast indicator silica gel becomes depleted with moisture? In any case wouldn't it be better to be safe rather then sorry. At the moment I've still got them wrapped in tin foil, heard tin foil is used for house insulation to stop moisture from entering so thought it would be a good option here. What's your thoughts on that, is there something I dont know about wrapping a film can in tin foil haha? I ask whether its a negative sign if the film can has moisture because it is a silver metal can, which I imagine would build moisture easier as far as I
  11. Some older S35 Arriflex most likely. I haven't requested a quote yet. Back to my first question though. If the can has moisture on the outside (condensation), is that a sign the film contained inside will also?
  12. Its currently Summer in Australia so yeah I'll get a hygrometer. I have about 100 silica gel packets just creating a little camp fire around the 400ft cans in the fridge. Not sure how useful that is.
  13. Would 20 year old EXR also fall under modern film in this case?
  14. Lol humidity* Although it's a joke, do I really need to purchase a hygrometer when I can feel the humidity and literally see condensation building on the can. How it occurs honestly isn't even that important, if there's moisture, there is moisture. Bottom line, how can I prevent it? should I roll with tin foil or not?
  15. Got about 3 400ft rolls of 20 years expired 35mm film that I've been storing in the fridge at 3 degrees Celsius. It has been storming for the past week so the humanity is high. I've noticed that the metal film cans have a bit of moisture on them when I touch them with my finger, they haven't been pulled out of the fridge and have been sitting in there for over a day now. I was wondering if that is a sign there is also moisture inside the can of film it self? Worried of that being the case, I set a bunch of silica gel packets around the cans, waited about 12 hours and they still have moisture.
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