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  1. I've been applying the zone system to how I view exposure using my light meter. I shoot still color film like portra 400 and vision3 500t rolled for stills. From what I've observed with how people apply the zone system to digital cameras, is they will keep the most important information nothing darker then 2 stops below middle gray, and nothing brighter then 2 stops above middle gray. Leaving the other 5 zones for highlights and blacks as those zones retain less information due to being too dark or too bright. This had me thinking, what is the stop latitude or zones past middle gray in popular color film where information can still be retained? At what zones does information become too bright or too dark. So specifically, how many stops above middle gray and below middle gray retain important information on popular color film like portra 400 and vision3 500t?
  2. Very helpful responses everyone, ill go with the grey seamless. Thank you!
  3. This is more of a photography relevant question. I'm planning a photoshoot that needs a dark grey backdrop. I'm shooting it on median format film so can't reference during shooting, i could of course use my phone but the dynamic range would be a world of difference. Anyway, would it be more desirable to go with a white seamless backdrop and light the client further away from it so that it can roll off into a dark grey or would it be more desirable to get a true grey seamless and light the client closer? Assuming the backdrop would be wide enough to cater for both frames. The goal of this comparision is to understand which would be the most seamless, so have the most tonal consistency. I'm using f2.8 lens, so perhaps shooting shallow could also help in this situation. Thanks.
  4. Hey, does anyone have a FS7 or FS5 profile for their Sekonic meter? Only available one online for Sony is the F65. Cheers.
  5. Hey! Trying to decide on what exposure target to roll with for calibrating and profiling my L858D to DSLR cameras, 35mm and Alexa. What target essentially allows for the most amount of latitude to profile in the profile wizard software. I only bring this question up because of Sekonic's options being of poor quality. Wanted to roll with the "Exposure Profile Target II" but it's like $280 here in Australia for a piece of weak cardboard. The "X-Rite ColorChecker Target" looks more promising quality wise but considering it's not made by Sekonic it makes me question the accuracy of the calibration process. Any tips from people holding experience with these brands? Cheers!
  6. A year later and I've finally ordered one, cheers everyone for the feedback!
  7. Hey, this is probably a stupid question, Does anyone know what value of foot candles or lux accurately equates to one stop of light. Obviously standard light metres can do this math for you, But I'm seeking to better understand this math. Cheers Seth
  8. Since light meters are basically nonexistent in the indie market, it's becoming harder to find well established brands that cater for light metres pouches. Been looking for what pouch to role with for days now, found a couple that looked good but none advertise for fitting the new L858D model from Sekonic. It's a shame Arri stopped producing and stocking their utility pouches, they were great. May someone point me in the right direction? Cheers. Seth
  9. Super useful, thanks for that mate. Haha I suppose taping it on could work if I got that desperate
  10. Building an equipment list for an up coming music video. Were shooting on Alexa Mini, Lomo anamorphic 50mm, 75mm and 100mm round front with also a 32mm square front. First time shooting anamorphic and Im already aware Im gonna need many different diopter strengths which Im not concerned about, my concern is on specific filter trays and matte boxes to support these lenses. The rental house only sell Arri matteboxes, were not to concerned on budget of which matte box to go with, all we need to make sure is that the mattebox can support the round fronts specifically and that the diopters will actually fit in standard filter trays. Any suggestions?
  11. Hi, Just purchased a Sekonic L-858D-U, this is my first time getting into using a light metre on set, I've recently been doing mostly gaffing jobs, so I was wondering, as a beginner would I be able to get some insight on creative and or common practices of communicating light in the grip and electrics department with a light metre. Thanks
  12. now of course there's different diffusion materials, so let's just say 4x4 poly board vs 4x4 216 diffusion frame
  13. Yeah for sure, in terms of output and shadow quality, what are the pros and cons?
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