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  1. Thanks Jaron, that's really insightful. I think I will do that. Best Markus
  2. Hi there; I want to start playing more with gels for deliberate colour effects rather than just balancing everything to white. What gels do people like to play with that are not for CT purposes? I've collected a few of those little swatch booklets - enough that I can stick together some swatches to cover a small Daylight LED so I can see the effect of actually projecting the light on a subject. Just curious which ones other people tend to like, for whatever effects or purposes. :-) Markus
  3. I have to shoot a Bronze casting next week for a small corporate gig. DSLR (5D Mk IV). Obviously there will be a very large difference in exposure between the metal and the talent. My plan of attack is as follows; I'll shoot HDR mode (I've tried playing with the CLog mode, but I can't see a clear benefit in dynamic range and it has a difficult to remove greenish colour cast). It will hopefully help a little anyway. ND or variable density filter (watching out for the dreaded dark cross)? to try to retain longer shutter speeds. (will having such a bright source introduce internal filter reflections?) Blast a snooted fresnel in there to try and bring up the exposure of the surfaces interacting with the metal a bit? Not sure what good it will do, I mean we're talking molten metal here and I imagine the surfaces are blackened with soot! (with the possible exception of the mould itself). Radiant heat - can it hurt the lenses with thermal shock? Two cameras mounted on a bar, one tight, exposed for the metal, one wide, exposing for the talent conducting the pour. From memory shooting in a steel smelter years ago, you want the steel to be a bit over so it retains that 'hot' look. Any other tips? Slo-mo? Thanks Markus
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