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  1. The full length videos are on Vimeo but we thought Instagram would be a good place to share it too. I know I personally like to see that kind of content in my feed!
  2. Hey guys, First I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone sharing knowledge on this forum, it's quite frankly amazing. I read and learned a bunch on here but now it's time to go out and put it to work in the real world. I started an Instagram account (leclubvideo) with a couple of friends where we are gonna put lighting tests of different scenarios, the gear we use and some insights about how we lit it. By no means are we experienced DOPs but we figured that the best way to get there is to go out and shoot stuff. Thought some of you might be interested. Cheers from Montreal!
  3. Looking to buy a monitor that could be used both for grading in my editing room and on set as reference monitor. Is Flanders the best option? 8bit? 10bit? Anyone has experience with Small HD daylight viewable Monitors? Are they accurate enough? Also what about size? I feel like 24 inch would be nice for grading but might be a little big to bring on set.. maybe 17 is enough? Thanks!
  4. Actually just ordered it haha! Will let you know how that was on the field.
  5. Doing some research lately, I found this reflector: https://squarebounce.com 3x3', Canadian made (Yay!), Seems quite sturdy, you can use it without a stand in a true one man band scenario, and it also acts as an umbrella since it's water resistant material. Leaving for a 2 weeks shoot in Jamaica in december and was thinking of picking one up. Seems like a better option than a traditional 5 in 1 reflector though it's more expensive.
  6. @ Robin Yeah the Astras are pretty awesome. That's the only lights I own for the moment with a DOP Choice Soft Box. The combination is perfect for close Interviews though I find the light gets quite hard when the subject is larger and the soft box is further away. What do you think of the Westcott DP Kit/Booklight kit? Would that be a good investment for larger subjects/scenes? I could use my Astra to shoot through it. @ Michael Sorry for my ignorance but what are show cards exactly? Thank you guys!!
  7. Thank you for you answers! May I ask what are those 4 lights? And what size would you recommend for the foam boards? It's true that different projects require different gear and for more complex projects I'm definitely going with rental but it's also nice to own some gear for personal projects and not having to drive by a rental house every time you need a C-Stand.
  8. Hi, First time poster and pretty new to this forum. I wish I had discovered it sooner.. so much amazing information and knowledge! Ok, going straight to the point. What should a ''One Man Band'' DP carry with him on most set lighting and gripping wise. A sort of ''most scenarios'' type of kit or things that are a must on every set. Fixtures, rolls of diffusion, gels, C-Stands, flags and nets, bounce/foam core, 4x Frames etc etc. Any advice is strongly appreciated!! Thank you!
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