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  1. You might be right! SINGLE FILTER 60€ +post fee. (No pouches for single filters) price includes all the packaging material. If you buy 6 pcs or more 50€+post. And I’ll give the Haida 100 filters pouch for free. It fits 6 filters. If you buy 20 pcs or more 40€+post. I’ll throw the flight case for free. Flight case fits 60 filters. Asking price 100€ +post. THE WHOLE SET 850€ +post. If youre interessed I can send you more pictures of the set. Please email me: jniemela79(a)gmail.com Juha, Finland
  2. Hi, I'm selling my filters; 28x Tiffen 4x4 filter. Also selling the metal flight case and a filter pouch for 6 filters. List of filters, 4x 85 4x 85 N3 4x 85 N6 4x 85 N9 2x 85B 1x 85B N3 1x 85B N6 1x 85B N9 1x 85POL 4x 81EF 1x 81EF ND3 1x 81EF ND6 1x 85EF ND9 Metal flight case secures 60 filters. The key for case is missing. Haida 100 filter pouch, holds 6 filters. More pics, Tiffen folder; https://jussipaita.imgur.com ASKING PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET 900 euro. If you´re interested write me an email: jniemela79(a)gmail.com
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