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  1. Hi guys, Should i use DRO and the Noise Reduction option in a photography time-lapse with the sony a7r mark iii ? Thanks Have a good day
  2. Yes Robin I do use separate intervalometer, what i am asking for is this. should i try sony a7r mark iii or should i stick to sony a7s mark ii? regarding images quality, camera settings ....etc ? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone I used the Sony A7r mark ii for a time-lapse job and it gave me great results, now i have another time-lapse job, should i try sony a7r mark iii or should i stick to sony a7s mark ii ? Thank you Best regards
  4. For sure these are good choices Macks Fiiod But unfortunately my budget is not that much, i need a more affordable option .
  5. Hi everyone I am Mohamed From Cairo and my question is about light equipment for women shoes shoot lighting setup. I have frequent women shoes photography sessions, I need light setup equipment that i can use it frequently and easily any recommendations ? best regards Mohamed El-Fallal Thanks
  6. Hi ,I am Mohamed From Cairo And my question is about stabilization. I I am using sony A7s mark 2 + Tripod + 70-200 sony G lens on a boat (Stabilization), what should i do to get the best steady footage 1- Turn on lens stabilization ONLY. (and which stabilization option since it has 2 stabilization options). 2- Turn Camera Steady ONLY. 3-Both 4- None Thanks
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