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    Ricoh CR-5, Sankyo CME666
  1. when I push the button, the latch moves. Nothing looks broken either. Might just have to suck it up and put the film in and just rubber band and duck tape it together until I get it fixed for now :D
  2. Ok here's some photos...First one is the door itself, second one is the camera body.
  3. :lol: Didn't even think about it being a still camera I'll remember next time.The door can close, it just will not latch. I'll see if I can get some photos up in a few.
  4. Hi, I have this made in Germany Kodak and I opened up the film door to make sure it was all in working order and now I can't close it. This camera is a little weird, you push a button to release the film door and I assume it is the same to close it, but it won't close. I'm a little stumped and was wondering if you guys knew anything. I'm planning on using this as my B&W camera and my Ricoh for color. Thanks!
  5. I think I'll leave it Martin, I already have a Sankyo that appears to work and I'd rather not throw money at something that might not work. I'm actually restoring an old VW right now so that takes all my money :lol:
  6. Well thanks a ton guys! I was going to buy it, but now I'll wait for a different one. Thanks again!
  7. Hey guys, I found an Argus Cosina 708 for 18 bucks today. I'm wondering if that's a good deal. He says it has signs of battery leakage, but I saw the pictures and it doesn't look damaged at all. He says he can't open the cap on the electric eye though. I'm new to these things though so I don't know if I can fix that. He might just be having trouble too, I don't know. It comes with the case and manual too. So what do you all think, should I get it?
  8. Power zoom will not work even when the camera is running...I don't really care about slow-mo though :lol: I guess I can just use the manual zoom on the side. Thanks guys!
  9. Hey, so i recently got this Sankyo super8 camera for $5... It's missing a button on top just ahead of a rocker switch and I don't think the rocker does anything anymore. I believe the model is CME666. If anyone could tell me if it will still shoot I would greatly appreciate it! The motor does work and everything else on it works too.
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