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  1. It sounds like these really are from movie theaters then. It just seemed odd that the guy I bought them from says he buys the reels from small movie theaters up and down the west coast when I had read that the studios have the theaters send back the reels - but, perhaps that's not true since you mentioned they only vault a small number of prints. I have also read that many film cells don't hold up well over time and with usage, and all the cells I bought are in pretty good condition. So, a number of things had me thinking I should seek advice. The guy is coming back to town for a holiday show to sell more. It's sounding like it's safe to buy more from him?
  2. Hi everyone - I have some film cells I bought that supposedly came from movie theaters - release prints. How do I tell if these are actually those? I had a guy (Mike Clark) who used to be a film editor & post production supervisor back in the 70s and 80s look at them and he told me that what he thinks I have are positive duplicate prints (not from the original negative). I am not in the film industry, so all this is greek to me. Does this mean that the film cells I bought are not actually from film reels that were shown in theaters? Thanks in advance for any expertise you are willing to share, Tami
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