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  1. Sweden has a different film industry than the one in US, i'm not worried about other peoples opinion or how they're judging my work. I do however listen to their words and try to always learn something new. I know i have a lot to learn, but no one else is gonna stand up for my visions within the industry so that's up to me. Thanks for the heads-up
  2. Thanks for your reply Phil! I'm sure that i will be able to get some great shots with the FS7. I will try and play with the flags, that's a great heads-up! Some photos from the location scout below. Still don't know why this website doesn't allow any uploading of better quality images..
  3. Hey Filmmakers! This summer i'm officially doing my first job as a paid DoP for a short film (30min approximately) . I've never shot fiction before, i am foremost a Director and Writer for my own films. Although i have studied still photography for a long time, i've only shot and directed my own documentary short film. The film is mostly taking place in one location, a forest with a cabin/small house. I want to create a very unique look for the film, i'm gonna play with mist/rain, shoot early mornings and evenings. I take a lot of inspiration from my favorite filmmakers like Andrei Tarkovsky, Theo Angelopoulos and Yasujiro Ozu. I'm worried that my technical knowledge will set me back during filming, i'm probably gonna have to rely on my camera operator if that ever happens. We're a pretty small team of great guys and girl, so i'm in no worry that we're gonna be in a disagreement in anyway. What are the things that i should avoid? The lightning equipment is not much but i want to achieve a soft looking light in a lot of scenes, i will also list those below with the gear. All tips/comments are welcomed! Camera: Sony PXW-FS7 Lenses: Sony FE 28-135/4,0G - Sony FE 24-70/4,0 - Sony FE 70-200/4,0 - Sigma AF 18-35/1,8 Tripod: Manfrotto 519 Rig: Shoulder rig, Slider Lightning: 1 Smaller LED, 1 Blondie, 4 Flags, 3 Bounce boards, Black wrap, some C-stands
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