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  1. Definitely something to consider, thank you! It's for this reason exactly why I'm thinking of shooting ProRes instead of RAW too. Tristan - thank you! I was definitely going to use a polarizer, and will definitely consider mounting a board or floppy above the windshield. And thank you for the photo of your mount - very helpful!
  2. I would LOVE to shoot film, but I have not yet done it before and want to save that first experience for something shorter and less risky haha.
  3. Hi all! I’m DPing a short road trip film next year that takes primarily in a car in the desert. I have some experience shooting in a car before, but would love any advice, input, or words of wisdom that you all may have in regards to doing it right and/or better. Moreover, if any of you have any car scenes from any film or show in mind, I’d love to hear them so I can study them as a reference. This is a low budget indie short film, so any advice on car rigging on a budget is much appreciated. I’m primarily looking at the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera as our main camera as it can easil
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