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  1. Another question I have - I have seen people on set with camera and headphones. Do you really need the headphones to make sure the audio is right?
  2. Thanks for the responses! I'm really surprised at them. I thought DSLRs were what everyone was getting. I had purchased a Canon XF100 HD camcorder that shoots in 4K. Then after finding out it was made in 2011, it was clunky, and that nobody uses DSLRs that I know, I decided to return it. It was $2,000 also and that seemed expensive. I CAN spend a little more but I thought I could get away with less. This would be my first doc - you never know how something will turn out so I hate to risk a ton of money up front. But now I'm thinking about going for a camcorder again. I didn't think about the battery life as being a major issue but I guess it is and I've been an actor on sets where the battery runs out and it is frustrating, especially in freezing weather.
  3. Hello I'm looking to make a doc or two. I almost bought the Canon TI6 today but decided to hold off and do more research. I'm thinking of a cheaper body and a more expensive lens. I think the lens is more important anyway. That said, I don't want too old of a model because things tend to get outdated... or maybe they don't - again I'm new to cameras. Any advice would be very helpful - thanks! I'm really looking to keep it under 1,000. I already have a tripod and shotgun mic.
  4. I'm working on a documentary about the immigrant experience. Just to see how immigrants like living in America. I want to get a lot of interviews and try to get to the truth of how many feel... if this sounds like something you would be interested, let me know. I'm not a cinematographer, so that's what I need, but I would organize and do the interviews. PM me if interested or reach me at esampson42@Gmail.com Thanks! Eric --
  5. I'm looking do do a documentary. Any tips on how to find interesting people? I'm looking for people like rock climbers, outdoorsy people who do extreme stuff. Thanks
  6. Anyone? I'm trying to find a way to add the marks to the viewfinder so I can tell how the shot is framed. I prefer the internal viewfinder but the lcd one is useful, if not for that.
  7. Hello. I have an xf100 and when I use the lcd screen it's really hard to tell where the frame is. Is there a way to find the marks and put them on the screen? Thanks and sorry, I looked through the manual.. Eric
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