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  1. Hey Robin, That makes complete sense that the converter is converting the signal from CVBS to SD-SDI, and the monitor I was testing it with does not accept SD-SDI. So if I find something similar to the Pix240i that can receive an SD-SDI signal, do you think the monitor would still output an SD-SDI signal? Or would I be able to go into something like a Teradek from the monitor?
  2. Hey everyone, I recently purchased an Arri SRII S16 and have really enjoyed re-familiarizing myself and learning to be more comfortable with film. I have some questions though regarding the video assist and power. Video Assist In the grand scheme of things, I would love to be able to use modern monitoring systems with my SRII such as a Teradek and SmallHD monitors. The video assist is of course analog, and I would need to convert the CVBS signal to SDI and I am having trouble doing so. I've tried Blackmagic's analog to SDI converter, but I believe it can only take analog over SDI for
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