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  1. I was wondering if someone could help me out here . I have attached a reference images my director has sent me for a commercial . Because of budget restrictions my producer tells me he can only avail me 5 Kino 4 banks for the shoot . For the first shot , I'm thinking of edging 2 kinos from the subject's both sides and a key from front diffused and a bounce from bottom for the fill . 2 kinos on the background. Second : Car thinking of blocking light from outside using black cloth on camera and rear side . A kino from outside to edge her (from top)and one from camera side as key . May be ND the lens to cut the lights from the window from her side. Third : A ring light setup with tubes individually set up to create a square in front of the mirror and light up background as required Final one : A kino bank over the head diffused and side lighting her for key with 2 Kino banks . What do you think? Please drop in your valuable notes.
  2. What are some of the most common lighting setups a gaffer , new into the job , must be aware of ? Could you share photographs along with each ? For Eg : Lighting up a green screen studio , Day to night & Night to day setups , Interiors with & without windows , Lighting up the same inside a studio , Lighting for different times of the day
  3. Hi Mr.Colllins I'm from Kerala as well , and I believe we are friends on facebook too. To answer your question ,i think , Gateway is basically tracing paper (equivalent to 129 heavy frost , i guess )and Gareware is its plastic version(Gateway rips and Gareware doesn't) Since most often handled by Light Unit members , they usually are known by their brand name. Gareware adds a slight cool color to the light (just my observation)
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