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  1. Good afternoon everyone, I have a run & gun gig coming up in the foreseeable future for which I'd like to give the new BMPCC 4K a shot (I don't technically own one yet, but hopefully will reasonably soon). Due to the job's specific nature, I will require an extremely lightweight and portable setup. I've done similar work in the past and always suffered from having to work with primes (both in terms of weight and overall practicality), so this time I decided I'd rather stick with a single zoom for the entirety of the shoot. On a full-frame camera I would probably just opt for the Sigma
  2. Hi David, I already replied to you on the Deakins blog about this. I managed to get a hold of both a better lens and a faster camera. I think now I should be in a better place, at least slightly, but will get back in touch in case anything else came up. Thank you very much again for your advice.
  3. Hi Sean, thank you very much for your reply. I evaluated the option of changing lights vs. getting a faster lens. I wasn't able to get a hold of any of the panels you suggested, so I eventually settled for a faster lens. Would you please enlighten me on how to calculate my middle grey the way you did? Also, I managed to get a hold of a Dragon, which performs much better in low light compared to the MX. I reckon that, with a low-light OLPF, I'll potentially be able to get a fairly clean image at ISO 800. Thank you very much for the advice, I will get back in touch in case something else cam
  4. Dear all, I once again need your advice on how to approach several night scenes that I'll be shooting in a week's time. The idea is to successfully construct a solid, uniform and believable nighttime ambience for the backgrounds (underexposed deep blue tones) and have dark silhouettes (or partially rimmed subjects) moving against them. In terms of providing a realistic, feasible reference, I guess I should mention the interior night scenes in Amour. The ideal result, however, would be something closer to the Skyfall fight scene in concept, but adjusted to the reality of the circumstances
  5. **Questions marked in bold** **Attachment was too dark and compressed, a better one with the correct contrast can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16205F-smKu5lcB0M3lOmPKfVdkCIG_yp** Dear all, I am currently working on a short project with an extremely tight budget and minimal crew. About half of it will be taking place at nighttime (roughly 15 extremely still wides and a couple of close-ups with some tilting/panning involved). Due to the limited resources available, I started considering a day4night approach pretty early on. I bought a variety of filt
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