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  1. Actually, after all your answer I'm beginning to see clear ^_^ . That's pretty good to have different opinions about the RIG I should afford. Considering the focus, I would go with Landon, I have focused with a 7" monitor and a viewfinder (got the two) and I prefer the monitor which is more precise (considering I'm wearing glasses :wacko: ). Considering the RIG, the problem is to be able to afford high-end accessories, my budget is not high (can't do better, I planned a trip to the USA next year and as a student I can't work). I think I should do a mix between your two propositions :D I still have one question : 1 - What is the use of a 16 glass ? 2 - Do you have any recommendation on lenses for the BM ? I know this is totally arbitrary but I like to have different opinions ! Thanks, you are really helping me out :wub:
  2. Always having a monitor would not be a problem but I can understand the problem of productivity when needing to change the rig every shot. I got three questions : 1 - Did you use the BMPCC to shoot some shaky shots (like a fight) ? 2 - What would be the essential rig kit for BMPCC/BMMCC ? 3 - How did you manage the crop factor ? Thanks !
  3. Hi Tyler, Thanks for your answer :wub: . My camera would be used especially for short films and documentary. Yes I understand the limitatiosn, that's why I look also to the BMMCC which provide 60 frames. So for you the best choice is to work with lenses made for the camera (and it's was my opinion too but I wanted to be sure) ? :) Thanks !
  4. Hi everybody, I’m actually a student in cinema and I would like to upgrade my video setup for two main reasons : dynamic range and colors depth. For the past two years, I shot two short-films and many other video with a Canon 100D but I’m starting to feel like I need to level up the technical quality of my image (8 bits to a good 10bits). As a student my budget is a bit limited, I would like to keep my actual lenses ( 50mm and 70/300mm on EF mount and maybe my 18-55mm with a EF-S mount). I had thought of the BMMCC or BMPCC but I know I will need to rig it, like a lot. In your opinion, first, should I buy a speedbooster or directly go on a camera with an EF mount ? (I saw on the internet that the BMPCC could possibly be available with an EF mount). I also know that vignetting could appear or distorsion. That’s why I would like some proud owners to guide me toward my final choice ! And last, I already own a monitor and sound gears but I would like to know what are your must have accessories to equip these cameras (cage, matte box, filters... as I’m going from a DSLR to a video camera)? My budget would be around 500-1500€ (pre-owned camera or accessories are not a problem). Thanks a lot and sorry for my English. PS : I have only own DSLR, sorry if appear a bit like a noob.
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