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  1. My last postings was on Jan-10-2018, in the Sound forum. Time for another equipment update... 🙂 http://kencooper.ca/motor-mixing-console.html
  2. Hi Craig, Should the day come, when you upgrade to the 2560, and need to sell the 1030ds - I would be interested. kc
  3. I'm a filmmaker + photographer - based in the foothills of Alberta Canada, about 75 km SW of Calgary. A few years ago I purchased a 1988 GMC Step Van - to hold all my equipment. Use a Black Magic Ursa camera and DaVinci Resolve for editing... *** Recently purchased some Sony wireless mic kits from B&H, so I rebuilt my 'Soundboard'. Here's the posting about this process at my website > http://kencooper.ca/update-to-the-cooper-soundboard-v2.html kc
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