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  1. Hey guys, :) Thought I'd share this considering there is still a large quantity of us that do jobs with virtually no crew and on a very tight schedule. Shot/directed this music video over a few half days on the Ursa Mini Pro using Rokinon Primes and a Sigma 18-35mm f1.8. Budget was virtually non existent, so it became an exercise in stripping everything back and remaining nimble and flexible. Shot mostly with natural light. However we did use a Litemat S4 and/or an Icelight 2 for some shots. (I froth those litemats) Any critique/thoughts would be much appreciated.
  2. I legit was trying to figure this out a few months back haha. Would love some help. Great film too.
  3. You're right, I wouldn't do too much to that particular shot, but it's the ones at the table that are more tricky as there's so many windows in that area that need to be controlled. I'll do another test later this week with the full set up to see how it all plays.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Sounds great! To be honest, the first reference shot from Lion is more in line with what I'm going for. The scene takes place at a dinner table very close to the windows. There is a massive window that runs all along the table that is covered in blinds. I was going to mostly close the blinds just so I get a bit of ambient light coming through to motivate it. The wide will be shot profile side of the table/character facing the windows/blinds. Then for the singles for both characters, I was just going to control the fill levels by blacking out whatever's nec
  5. Yeah basically. The windows face west, so I will only be getting direct sun through it at around 5-7pm. We intend to shoot the scene from 12pm-4pm when it is overhead.
  6. Hey guys, Just wanting to hear your thoughts and strategies on tackling a low key/dark day interior scene. Sort of like something you'd see from Gone Girl or Ozark. Here are a couple of references images from Lion and It Comes At Night that sort of have the vibe I'm going for. The Lion one moreso. I was thinking of shooting at 4200K, blacking out most windows and keeping the source coming in from one direction, and then using a S4 Litemat closer up and dimmed. Then I'd just neg on the other side for contrast, and make sure my background is at least 3/4/5 stops
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