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  1. Hi to everyone, I have to shoot in a very dark club, with a low ceiling and narrow space. In the scene there is a man walking in this club at the opposite direction of attached pictures followed by a dolly with my camera on it. Focal lenght will be the same in this picture (or evene little less wide) and the height of camera point of view will be aproximately the same as in these pictures. I made this test to chose what mood I need for the final shot and I guess the picture called club_02.jpg is what this club is inspiring to me. I'm a little bit confused because the ceiling of this place is really low and the club is narrow so we can't put anything up or at both side because the man has to look around and the camera has to replay the man head movement. My solution is to put some led bar in the position I've marked in picture called club_01, gelled with CTO (to simulate direction and color temperature of practical light). What do you guys think, is it a smart solution or have you got some other options? Thank you in advance, Claudio
  2. Good morning to everyone I'm very new to this forum, can someone suggest me how the picture attached is litted up? Thank you in advance
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