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  1. Hello, fellow AC's! So I'm looking to "decant" my larger spools of camera, paper, and electrical tape onto some smaller spools to make it a little more portable for my chest rig. I'm just wondering what to search for online to find some of the tape "bobbins" I've seen many AC's wear. I've searched all day but cannot find any that are made purely for tape, ideally, I don't want to buy thread bobbins and waste all of the thread by throwing it away. Does anyone know what the best ones to search for would be?
  2. Hi Guys, For my latest short, I require a shot that is rather ambitious. Imagine from a fixed perspective in the middle of the hallway at ceiling level following a young boy running through the corridor, the camera follows his direction on a single axis moving with the length of the hallway. As the boy runs under the camera the movement continues to follow him from an upside-down perspective until he reaches the other end. Im trying to come up with a mount/rig that would allow a fully kitted fs7 to be in that position without leaving any permanent damage to the location itself. the hallway is quite restrictive on space. Im willing to scrap the shot if its impossible but it fits the mood perfectly. I've considered a few methods but they add quite a few specific requirements for the location (such as two doorways placed perfectly opposite from each other, and rig a bar across the hallway at roof level) if anyone can come up with an effective method of mounting I will love you forever. Sam
  3. Thanks to all for the help! Its brought up some new elements I need to consider so thank you David for the thorough answer, ill make sure to have a watch of the scene in "Poltergeist" again for reference.
  4. Okay, awesome! Thanks, Phil. I wasn't sure if it was going to be as simple as that. Props to you!
  5. Hi, Im new to the website so I hope this is the correct area to post this question. Im looking to take advantage of a Dolly-Zoom (Vertigo Zoom) down a long hallway for my next film and I'm keen to put a character in the foreground. This would be easily done, however, im wondering if there a practical way to achieve the dolly zoom effect if the character is running down the hallway with the camera following the character? Simply put he runs down the hallway whilst the camera follows him on tracks yet the characters surroundings warp. Im aware this is easy to do in post-production, but the director wants as much to be practical effects as possible. I Preemptively thank anyone who helps me out or sends me in a direction to solve this Sam.
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