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  1. I have an 850W Powersupply. CPU is a Intel i9 9900k @ 5.0Ghz and GPU is a RTX2080 Ti. Do you have this internal Raid setup? Do you know a good tutorial on that?
  2. Ah thats really cool! But I think M.2 SSD are a bit to expensive. The PCI raid cards sound intersting. Do you know a good tutorial on that? Can I mix 2.5" SSDs and 3.5" HDs ?
  3. Thanks for the information. Will check if my motherboard has TB headers 😉
  4. Dear cinematography community, I have build my self a good pc system for various tasks such as: editing, color grading etc. My main fast hard drive for projects was a 1Tb M.2 SSD. It has been working really good (maybe a bit overkill). Now I ran in to a problem that most of the projects I work on are bigger than 1Tb and now I need a new solution for a fast storage system / drive to do editing and color grading with big RAW files. I have been looking into the Samsung 4Tb SSD (2.5") which would work but if a project is just a little over 4Tb than that would not work. So does anybo
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