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  1. Thank you Bruce! I will take youe adviceI have been using photoshop for quiet some time and feel pretty confident in it enough tk retouch and color okd photos I guess I’m not as confident in trusting my gut about emotion since it can be interpreted so differently depending on the viewer. If you have any reference text/textbook/online course etc; I’d love to learn more about color theory and this is mostly a DP forum you are right maybe I should check out Resolve. As a DP yourself how might YOU go about achieving some of those looks on site? (Out of curiousity)
  2. This is constructive do you have any references for online course or videos?
  3. I The whole idea is to learn which is why I am asking here, I don't think that was the most constructive feedback. I am aware of "hiring" a professional colorist and I am not trying to give my film that entire look I am interested in HOW it was achieved. My film has more melancholy tone so I was asking for color theory suggestions, I should have been more clear. If you shoot pretty neutral/flat you can really manipulate anything.
  4. I know that there is a lot of natural lighting but this is definitely done in post. Memory-like/love tone: & Sadder tone: &
  5. Hello fellow filmmakers! I have been editing in premier and color grading in davinci resolve. Ive actually enjoyed the process more than I thought I would but am curious how to achieve certain moods and tonws. I love the memory type of colors we get in call me by your name during the grass scene how might I achieve that? Overall the film has a very blue tone so how might you suggest I grade more romantic scenes, sad scenes, neutral scenes? Lastly, I have had trouble transferring slow motion from premier to resolve any advice? Thanks so much! Tyrone
  6. Thanks I'll keep all this in mind! Any tips/suggestions for the crowd noise?
  7. I mixing audio for a party scene inside of a house but having some trouble making the atmosphere seem believable. I have party-goer noise, dialogue, feet, but im unsure how to balance the music? Which frequencies should I remove/enhance for the music/dialogue?
  8. Hello All! I am currently editing my first feature film in Premier Pro and I am wondering if I should be editing each scene as different sequences? All as one? Different projects? I am using Proxies from 4k to 1080p. Thanks, Tyrone
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