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  1. I guess I was referring to the fact that some lenses do flare more than others and that it is not a desired effect and as you said it is fight very hard with matteboxes, etc..Yes, I've noticed that most lenses will be great around f4-f5.6
  2. Good point, but I do notice as I watch many Netflix and Amazon Prime productions that all were filmed using sharp lenses. I also notice that there is no flaring at all. I often hear people saying that some lenses that flare, such as older Nikkors and some Rokinons, have character. Well, it seems that most people producing the series I watch don't care about character. In some series, such as Gotham, I do see a huge work in color grading, but I can tell everything as far as a lenses are concerned is clear and razor sharp with no flare and other artifact. It seems to me that the only people thinking that older or imperfect lenses have characters are the ones not actually producing commercial products. Just imagine House of Card or Breaking Bad flaring all the time. It simply doesn't.
  3. I guess I might have found a decent compromise that let me use the Sigma 18-35mm
  4. Are you talking about one of those plastic ribbons that can wrap around the lens?
  5. I think it's been helping. In the frame of a production with a DP and a camera operator and an assistant cam operator, cine lenses are mandatory. But with small or no budget productions quality must first come from what the lens is capable of producing and most sub 1K cine lenses, such as the Rokinons and even the Veydra, are totally destroyed by manually operated Sigma Art lenses.
  6. I need to say again that the Sigmas have a button to disable the AF and they become fully manual and focusing manually is very easy. You can't hook up a follow focus gear to it , that's all and it doesn't look like a cine lens.
  7. I now fully realize that there is a place and time for renting and raising a budget to be able to rent. Yes, I will not buy a Rokinon Cine lens that has half the sharpness and the quality of a $ 1000 Sigma Art Lens.
  8. I understand and I know what you say. My point is that I'm realizing that a decent cinema lens will cost close to $ 3000 and nothing less than $ 1000 will be able to compete with the Sigma Art Series.
  9. Hello everybody, I have a GH4 and I've recently rented several lenses Sigma 20mm f/1.4 DG Nikon mount used on speedbooster on my GH4 Sigma 18-35 1.8 Nikon mount used on speedbooster on my GH4 Veydra 16 mm MFT native mount Rokinon 24 mm cine lens, Nikon mount used on Speedbooster on GH4 I understand the point of cine lenses, such as the veydra and the rokinon as far as follow focus is concerned. They do behave like true cine lenses. But unfortunately after an intensive 3 day testing, I can testify that the two Sigmas are superior in image quality, in any aspect of image quality, to the Veydra and the Rokinon. So for somebody who simply can't buy a set of cine lenses at $ 3000 per lens, if I'm going to spend less than $ 1000 per lens I simply can't justify to by a Veydra or a Rokinon after discovering how amazing the Sigmas are! Sure, they don't have a focus system that allow the hook up of a follow focus system,but at my level in my game and finance I must go for the better image quality and just adapt as far as focus. Do you agree with me that the quality of the image is much more important that how the lenses focus? I must say that it's very easy to manually focus with the two Sigmas, you just have to do it by hand and it doesn't look professional but I simply can't give up the quality I've seen in the Sigma 20 mm 1.4 for a lesser lens that would have a more "cine" look. Any suggestions anybody? Thanks Philippe
  10. Yes, right now there is some Moza air on sale on B&H with a monitor, and I can see how it'd work with the Micro
  11. David, when I go on B&H it seems that people still like the BMPCC more than the Micro!
  12. True, I shouldn't be in hair splitting at by budget level and I just looked a a picture comparing the different format using rectangles, yes, the difference between 1080 and 2.5K is almost trivial.
  13. Thanks to both of you. Yes, I think I need to stick to 4K these days, for many reasons. I'm actually please with the quality of the GH4, even when it's not Vlog, I actually use Cinelike D with the Leeming LUT and I love it. But you know how we are, we always think there is a better machine out there and the Black magic cams are getting cheaper, but you're right, I'm probably wasting energy and focus.
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