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  1. Im looking to get my first light meter. Would the Sekonic Flashmate L-308S cut it or would you recommend spending a bit more?
  2. Hey thanks for the responses. By run time I do mean how long it takes the counter to go from 0 to 50 ft. The cartridge was defiantly used up, I could see the "exposed" on the last bit of film in the cartridge. Do you think anything will come out from the film if the motor has been running too fast? Would it just be shot at a higher frame rate? I was assured by the eBay seller that the camera was tested and in full working order. The shop specialise in selling vintage cameras with good feedback. @ Samuel Berger - I had no trouble getting the camera to Namibia - I went on a working visa for video along with a carnet. I took the camera in hand luggage with me. I hope the footage comes out as it was a beautiful place - plus I want to use some of the footage in the final film we shot! Thanks Joe
  3. Hey all, hoping someone can give me some advice. I've just purchased my first super 8 camera...a Nizo 801 Macro. I shot my first film on it over the last few days whilst in Namibia. I've read everywhere that shooting at 24fps I should get a run time of around 2.5 minutes but as I was shooting I realised it was going down way faster. I was shooting 24fps the whole time. Ive just tested the camera without any film in and my run times going by the dial are: 18fps 1.38 mins 24fps 1.08 mins 50fps 0.34 mins Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a fault with the camera? Will the motor run quicker when there is no film in it? I also realised after getting back that I had 1.2v AA batteries loaded rather than 1.5v AA's that the user manual recommends. Also I had 1.5v light meter batteries rather than 1.3v whilst shooting in Namibia. Though when testing the motor I had changed them to 1.3v batteries. Ive just sent off the film for processing so hoping something comes out. Would really appreciate if anyone can shed some light on this! Thanks Joe
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