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  1. Thanks so so much ... what would you rec for the actual camera itself... the lenses info was extremely helpful!
  2. Hey guys, hope you’re all good. I need some advice i want to invest my savings into my first camera to play around with for my third short film. I’ve always worked quite abstractly so used to use GoPros and also other strange devices or whatever I could film on. But for my third film I really want to step up and use a camera that yields beautiful results. My budget is £600 GBP... and I want it to shoot beautifully but also be able to get the hang of quickly and good for a beginner. I’ve heard about the Panasonic G7 but anted to get so,e more feedback before I actually buy! Thank you you all so much
  3. (wrong choice of words with 'Entry' what I mean is just something that wont be too complicated to start learning. something that will still be great and high quality) Im looking into purchasing my own camera and my budget is between £1000- £2000. I have heard a lot about the Lumix GH5 and also some of the Black Magic Design products. Does anyone suggest a great starting off camera? Thank you :)
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