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  1. I was just browsing on and I had come across a site called table top studio which had details of photographing coins, jewellery and so on they reccomend to use a LED lamp for the sparkling and glittering effects in te diamonds...... Suggest me on this.................. See attachment of the LED Lamp..... Thanks to all....
  2. Dear Friends, I have a new project i.e. Photgraphing jewelleries...... Now the question is..... How to obtain softness and glitters i.e. in the diamonds while photographing to make the photographs look natural...... Please send me your suggestions on this....
  3. Dear friends, I saw several pictures on my friends pc and the Female Portrait photographs were wonderful. I asked him regarding the photographs, then he said me that he had used Hot Lights and Kino-Flo and the film used was slide film. Can anyone give me an advice with regards to the Lighting System which will be suitable for Portrait photography which uses both the Hot Lights and the Kino-Flo combination. Thanks!
  4. Hi Friends, I usually, like to take some still photographs using my MF camera with slide films, the question is, what is the best KINO FLO or other lights that will work best to photograph portaits and models. Thank you all Khalid
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