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  1. Hi everyone! I have an upcoming shoot where we need to have a 180° rotation (around the lens axis) It´s a short film with very low budget so expensive options such as Cartoni Lambda Head or Weaver Steadman are not going to be posible We´re shooting on an Arri SRII with Zeiss Primes T1.3 Any thoughts on a low budget solution? Thanks in advance! Joaquin
  2. Thanks David! Just wanted to say your old posts about Manure and Big Love have been the biggest help up to the moment. When I referred to autofocus I meant using it through Dragonframe and adjusting it milimetrically, but what you say makes more sense I think.
  3. Hi everybody, I´m shooting an animated short and I´m struggling to recreate daylight in a studio (midday, dusk, sunset, etc) My main problem is skylight, I don´t know how to approach it really. Not sure if for midday (for example) using a big 12x12 silk over the set would be enough, or if complementing it with some punchier sources such as kinos, or if I should add an extra big blue source to tint shadows, etc etc Any articles or help regarding day exterior on studio wether it´s stop motion or live action would be really helpful My other question is which kind of lenses (in technical aspects) would be the best. Is manual aperture very essential? If it is, what about manual focusing? Because manual lenses ussually don´t have autofocus and I don´t think touching the camera to focus would be the best. Any lens model (zoom) or set to suggest? Camera will probably be Canon 5d mk iv, 6d or 70d Thanks ahead of time for any thoughts or help!
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