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  1. Hello, excuse me for bringing back the old post, I have a retroscan 2k and did not come here to try to buy yours, I just have a question about the lens though, what lens is this? what improvements does it bring from the original that comes with the retroscan? Thank you if you get around to answering my questions!
  2. I scanned this home-movie I made with the retroscan universal 2k at full scanner resolution then cropped to 1080p, here is the result. I might not have used enough lighting when scanning, some areas are to noisy for my taste but then again I did not use the capturing software's de-noising setting.
  3. So, I went the bolex route, a bolex SB converted to super 16mm bayonet mount and comes with a C-mount adapter. Now I need a compact zoom lens to go with it for traveling. Any suggestions?, it needs to cover well the super 16 gate, no vignetting. Thanks for your input!
  4. Hello. Matthew, I am in a similar situation with my converted to S16 Bolex SB, I also have a bayonet to c-mount adapter. What zoom lens did you end up using that gave good results? I also have a K3 with a meteor lens, I suppose this lens did not end up working with the bolex? Looking for a zoom lens that is fast, covers the super16mm gate, and works with the shorter focal lengths. Thanks!
  5. I definetly need a small form factor for traveling, the a-minima seems easier to handle and more ergonomic to shoot with than a bolex when out and about. Thanks for your input.
  6. Thanks for your input, the Aaton a-minima sounds very tempting for its compact size, the only setback for me is that it would not take 100' daylight spools out of the box without re-spooling the film each time.
  7. Good to hear you had comparably stable images, that makes the bolex more desirable for me because of its compact size. Any super16 cameras with pin registration as compact as a Bolex h16/SBM?
  8. I shot the following on my K3, this is my first 16mm camera. It is modified to shoot super 16mm. I would like to achieve an image with less flicker and if possible more stable, less "jumpy". I was thinking on upgrading my camera to a great working condition Bolex SBM to solve these issues. In your experience, will that upgrade suffice, or will I be looking at similar results? Should I consider other cameras instead? Thanks for the help!
  9. Thanks Mark, as far as I could tell the tank was full, perhaps I did not spin/agitate it enough during developing. Good thing is not a scratch. cheers.
  10. Hello all, just wondering if anyone can spot the cause of these lines. They do not seem like the typical solid black lines produced by gate scratches that remain in a steady position. Maybe they are created during processing? This was a "self processed" with caffenol using a lomo tank. Thanks in advance!
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