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  1. Is this still available? If so, what type of tape does it take?
  2. Thanks, Dom. Very informative. And yes, you're correct in the assertion that I had confused double perf and regular 16mm as the same thing. I must have misinterpreted the texts from my research.
  3. Beautiful video. I dig the intensity & suspense in the music (as well as the tone & fx on the guitar, being a musician myself). I didn't see the whole thing yet (missed some of the middle, didn't quite make it to the end) but, wow. It's hard to find video of full frame 16mm footage. Most is already cropped to 16:9 by the time I'm able to see it, so that shed some light on the subject in and of itself.
  4. Thank you for the quick responses. All of this was quite helpful enlightening. I'm not sure of using regular 16 film because of how hard it is to find where I am (rural Ontario). Though if anyone has any ideas on where I can get colour double perf film (some online store, surely) it would be much appreciated. I had initially gotten the Kodak as a display model really, so I'm not too hurt about that either way. With what research I did on the K-3 beforehand, you'd figure I would've known it shoots S16. Information about film & film cameras seems too difficult to find, even with a good search engine, nowadays. I've seen some stuff on the subject of the off center viewfinder when using an S16 gate from which I gathered that it wouldn't be all too difficult to work with, but I feel that it could hinder the framing, possibly take away from what's going on in the far right end of the picture. Again, thank you all. You have no idea how much I appreciate this. And as I said earlier: any and all advice is welcome.
  5. I'm new to shooting in film. I haven't even exposed a frame yet, because of the lack of availability of double perf 16mm film. I ordered an S16 gate for my incoming K-3, and am wondering if there are any other components that will need replacing in order to shoot in super 16. I also have a Cine Kodak Model K which I thought may be interesting for specific projects/scenes and was wondering if it is worth it or even possible to convert this model to super 16. Any advice is more than welcome and would be greatly appreciated.
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