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  1. Thank you! In fact the curtains are hotter than I wanted them to be, but moving between set-ups during the shoot without a gaffer is tough and some things like dimming the window lights were overlooked. Also I had only one light for the 2 windows, and if I dimmed it so the first window was right, the second window didn't get any visible light at all. For the wide shot you're right! There are some spots falling into complete darkness. But the director would have wanted it even darker, I already had to fight for it to stay like this, haha. I
  2. It's supposed to look and feel like Horror/Thriller. In the story there are some rather comical moments, but it's supposed to arouse an eerie feeling where you don't know if you should laugh or not.
  3. The production is over so by now so I figured I'd attach some stills to show how I ended up lighting it.
  4. Hey everyone, Since this is my first post in here, I'll quickly introduce myself: My name is Benedikt Dresen, and I'm a Filmstudent / aspiring Cinematographer from Germany. I started out doing music videos, but now I'm getting more and more into narrative work. Right now I'm in Pre-Production for a 14-minute Shortfilm I'm DoP'ing. The film is set at night, only in one apartment, which will be built on stage. It's about a woman entering her home, where she find a complete stranger waiting for her, who's intentions remain unknown. The whole story unfolds through dialogue, but the blocking wil
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