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  1. Thanks for all the replies to my original post about D Mount lenses and my Nizo Double 8mm camera. I've been impressed by the knowledge shown in most of the replies. It is too bad that the Kern Switar 5.5mm D Mount lens apparently will not work with my Nizo Heliomatic 8 Reflex. Thanks for letting me know, I'm saved some time and trouble. Does anyone know of another lens similar to the Kern Switar 5.5mm and wider than the 6.5 Rodenstock that will work with my camera?
  2. Up to now have only shot S-8mm but recently purchased a Nizo Heliomatic 8 Reflex camera [Double 8mm]. It takes D Mount lenses and right now the widest lens it comes with is a Rodenstock 6.5mm. Just saw the following lens available: Kern Paillard Pizar 1:1.9,f=5.5mm D-Mount für Bolex 8 mm Does anyone know if I can use this lens with this camera? The camera as it is now comes with the 6.5mm [which isn't removable] and also with 35mm and 13mm lenses [both D Mount, screw-on, removable lenses]. Could I substitute the Kern 5.5mm for one of the 2 removable lenses without vignetting or other problems? Adam Cohen
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