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  1. Hello, I have a short film approaching and some of these shots are in a very tight space, allowing only me as an operator to be close to the action and the actors, forbidding the use of a 1st AC. Due to budget and time reasons we are using my FS7m2 with the 18-110mm G OSS F4 Sony lens. As I discovered, my 1st AC can remotely control the camera thru the Sony wifi dongle that comes with the camera and a smartphone. I have successfully manage to connect the camera with my iPhone and to my surprise all the controls work flawlessly and with no lag. Except the focus control slider that is very very slow and not usable. Does anyone ever used the wifi controls with an Fs7? Do you also have problems with the focus? I am very disappointed as this would have make quite a difference in these tight shots. Thank you, Hector Papageorgiou
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