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  1. Thank you, Simon. That is good news. I found one US dealer who stocks it! I use this film in my 8mm cameras, and it is excellent, so long as you find a lab who will process it in the correct chemistry. Dan
  2. Thanks Charles. I’ll forego the surgery on the sprocket wheel and just keep a lookout for film.
  3. Thank you, Dave. I think I’ll just keep hunting for double perf. I just located a source, temporary perhaps, for Orwo negative through Color Lab in Maryland, USA
  4. That is what I feared. Thanks, Mark. I don’t want to shoot 500T, but I have heard that John Schwind may have some reperforated stock available out in California.
  5. I’m sure this has been covered before, but... I keep finding confusing and conflicting info. I enjoy shooting film in old home movie cameras. I have my share of 8mm and Super8s, but I’d love to shoot some with my Keystone A12. Since I cannot seem to find any double perf fresh stock, I’m wondering if my Keystone will digest 1R, or will my claw be grasping at air? Or will the film chatter or...??? Anyone have experience with this they would like to share? Dan Mouer
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