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  1. Thanks Samuel! To be honest, when we started shooting I'm not sure that 4k was readily available in our budget range (the majority of this film was shot waaaaay back in 2014... that gives you an idea how long post has taken!). I had a lot of M43 lenses, and the BMPCC offered great quality for low cost so it seemed like the natural option. I think I bought one for around £600 (and then the week we started shooting Blackmagic had a flash sale and were selling them for £300..!) - which is still an absolute bargain I think. Also, storage - shooting 4k RAW would have necessitated a LOT of extra storage and postproduction heavy lifting, so all round it wouldn't have been a viable option.
  2. Thanks Vital - glad you liked it! I'll post an update on here once we know where we stand with distribution. As far as the camera side goes - I tried to plan my scenes (with a sunfinder app) so I could backlight (for the daytime scenes) and (where possible) sidelight for some day-for-night stuff we've got. For close-ups we'd often use a reflector or two, or we'd do a bit of negative fill with the black side. There's quite a lot of smoke haze in some of the forest scenes too, which helped us out as it that diffuses everything too. That, and the BMPCC - it's a cheap little camera, but with some good glass on it the quality is great if you're on a teeny-tiny budget (the colour science and dynamic range kick the ass of a lot of far more expensive cameras, in my opinion).
  3. Ha! Did you have any suggestions? Some sunlight dancing in a bit of smoke seems to go a long way!
  4. Hello all - I'm completely new to these forums, and already excited to start delving deep into all the information here. Just wanted to share a trailer for my feature, DON'T. STOP. RUNNING. which, as is often the way with microbudget indies - I wrote, directed AND shot... Never again...! I used a BMPCC and a range of M43, C Mount, M42 and Arri B-mount secondhand and new lenses, and was amazed to see the quality we could get from that little camera. We shot, for the most part, outside in a British summer (occasional bits of sunshine interspersed with long periods of slate grey skies) with just a sun direction app, a couple of reflectors and an Artem smoke gun. I'd love to know what people think of the trailer - a bit of feedback and critique is the best way of learning! Thanks, Alex.
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