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  1. Hi Simon, here is a test I think can help further the diagnosis... https://wetransfer.com/downloads/b1c0761bc25a2545b91a25e021851ef620181125125839/6f252a928adb71c16bb55566969cccb120181125125839/392359 Thank you so much for all the help!
  2. I know it's wrongly placed.its just a film tip I loaded to quickly show you the functioning. Is there any way to verify that this cleaning you suggested was the cause for my problem, without exposing a new film and sending it to the lab?
  3. This is a video of my Bolex rolling film. Please notice if there is anything wrong. I feel like the loops move around much? https://wetransfer.com/downloads/a747683a2530af132a809d2ed1115f3a20181125014139/524b1f582de5747988483da9af71b08020181125014139/074124
  4. This is brand new Kodak 50D film. I have sent to two different labs and in both times the footage came back with jitter so I doubt is a lab problem. Last time I sent it together with footage of a array 416 and with that one all went fine.
  5. It looks fine to me but its a bit hard to tell since I don't want to dismantle the camera completely. not without knowing what Im doing.
  6. I am not able to stabilise all of them and the problem is that Im using this professionally, meaning it looks bad to receive something this bad from a lab. I just really want it to be good. I don't know if my gate plate is dirty and if that would change anything. Did you get a chance to look in the pics? The plate is not completely flat flat...
  7. I just looked through the front and I can't see anything moving wrongly. But what do I know?
  8. Nothing. The lens is secured to the camera, its straight up hand held location shoot, no mirrors. It happened in ALL the shots form this 30 min film I just shot. =(
  9. Hi Frank, the light leak was only a problem in this role. There was a lot of sun in that day and probably some light got in when I changed the film. But indeed the image is just jumping around. Any idea on what it could be?
  10. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/18c636ef66485ec13f99ef0084f28ead20181124234230/17c1a14207ebe4bde99f126f7ec247c420181124234230/fd0924 Here is a link that should allow an educated evaluation :) Thank you guys!
  11. Hi guys, forgive me the rush. Since I noticed this today the idea of having my little camera malfunctioning is wearing me a bit. When I remove the gate plate and slide my nail through it I do feel two very very tiny marks. Not sure this is enough to make it jitter? The bolex is a SBM model converted to super 16 and Wil PL mount conversion as well (Guy Bodart did this conversion). The loop to me looks fine but I can't really say. I'm uploading something I hope helps.
  12. I just received my second batch of footage shot with my Bolex and it's way too jittery! I'm using it professionally so this is something I can't afford. Basically what happens is that every 2/3 seconds the footage shakes. Sometimes to a point where even post production can't fix it. Can someone point me out to a solution? Otherwise any place that can fix my Bolex in Europe? Thanks
  13. Looking for this lens to attach to my Bolex PL body :) I figured it's the best work horse and the best performance/size available out there. So if anyone has one Pm me. Cheers
  14. Less than 2000 hours in the brain. Great aesthetic condition. Comes with: 3x 64gb SxS pro Card reader Top handle EVF and 2 cables Extension arm for EVF Shoulder Pad New pelicasE Pictures on request, located in Denmark.
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