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  1. hey Séamus! Do you have an email I can send them to? best
  2. Many of you asked: Asking for 9k USD.😊 Arri Mount. Camera will come as is (absolutely great condition - Kelvin used this camera has as a spare body). Shipping from Denmark.
  3. Just putting a feeler out there. Any body interested in buying my 2C body? It is only the body I am selling and 2 mags. Movement installed by Kevin Crumplin the master of technovision. Dm me.
  4. Looking for Barney magazine covers for 200ft mag or 400ft mag for my old arri 2C. Pm if you can sell me one or know of where to get this.
  5. I am looking at the possibility of buying a 35mm camera on 3 perf. The 435 price range seems to be the most welcoming for my budget so if you know or have one please dm me. Thank you !
  6. Hey Paul. Just bought myself an sr3 but with an old video assist PAL CEI color 5. It's so crappy all directors I worked with first said they couldn't clearly understand the picture.

    I was thinking if I should buy this video assist you mention here and install it myself? I live in Europe so can't ship camera to US but would love to start seeing what I'm doing (at least better)


    Best and hope you can help pimp my sr3 

  7. Have you ever shot this on 16mm and do you have some tests I can look at? Best
  8. Hey, did you get some footage out of this killer setup? Interested costumer here 😉
  9. Hi everyone! I have been wanting to shoot anamorphic for some time on my Bolex PL mount. It's got a Les Bosher adapter to PL and it works wonders with any PL lens. The thing here is....what lenses or lens to use here? What about focusing/operating? Cant wait to hear your suggestions... Best
  10. As new, still in the box. Comes with both scales: in feet and meters. located in denmark (europe).
  11. Looking desperately to find and buy this lens. If you know of someone who might have one feel free to pass on the contact to me. 🙂 Cheers
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