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  1. Hi Nico! That's perfect! I live in Copenhagen :) Looking forward to see them.
  2. Hi Nico! Where do you live? Can you send me more photos of the condition of the glass? Best
  3. Well, a bit of public service here. Stay away from cameras Pro. I spent 4000 dollars on a converted bolex that came full of faults. Sent it to Les Bosher and even though I haven't received it yet I feel I'm going to be very happy about it. Guy has been nice on the emails but if you want professional work done, that's not the place to go to. Les is the nicest person working with bolex and I just really wished he could live forever.
  4. I did Simon! the thing here is I don't dare to do this kind of work without an experienced technician by my side =/
  5. Hi Simon, here is a test I think can help further the diagnosis... https://wetransfer.com/downloads/b1c0761bc25a2545b91a25e021851ef620181125125839/6f252a928adb71c16bb55566969cccb120181125125839/392359 Thank you so much for all the help!
  6. I know it's wrongly placed.its just a film tip I loaded to quickly show you the functioning. Is there any way to verify that this cleaning you suggested was the cause for my problem, without exposing a new film and sending it to the lab?
  7. This is a video of my Bolex rolling film. Please notice if there is anything wrong. I feel like the loops move around much? https://wetransfer.com/downloads/a747683a2530af132a809d2ed1115f3a20181125014139/524b1f582de5747988483da9af71b08020181125014139/074124
  8. This is brand new Kodak 50D film. I have sent to two different labs and in both times the footage came back with jitter so I doubt is a lab problem. Last time I sent it together with footage of a array 416 and with that one all went fine.
  9. It looks fine to me but its a bit hard to tell since I don't want to dismantle the camera completely. not without knowing what Im doing.
  10. I am not able to stabilise all of them and the problem is that Im using this professionally, meaning it looks bad to receive something this bad from a lab. I just really want it to be good. I don't know if my gate plate is dirty and if that would change anything. Did you get a chance to look in the pics? The plate is not completely flat flat...
  11. I just looked through the front and I can't see anything moving wrongly. But what do I know?
  12. Nothing. The lens is secured to the camera, its straight up hand held location shoot, no mirrors. It happened in ALL the shots form this 30 min film I just shot. =(
  13. Hi Frank, the light leak was only a problem in this role. There was a lot of sun in that day and probably some light got in when I changed the film. But indeed the image is just jumping around. Any idea on what it could be?
  14. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/18c636ef66485ec13f99ef0084f28ead20181124234230/17c1a14207ebe4bde99f126f7ec247c420181124234230/fd0924 Here is a link that should allow an educated evaluation :) Thank you guys!
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