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  1. Thank you very much both Tyler and aapo for the in-depth replies.
  2. Thanks Dylan and Bruce. I've always wondered about what happens with Blu-rays...wasn't sure if anything was done or not. My TV is setup using the preset Cinema mode and all enhancements turned off with sun-block curtains in a dark room. I get a great picture which is better than the theaters I've been to...which made me question the theaters and my setup. I've yet to see a theater that looked as good as my setup but went to a Regal RPX yesterday and saw Captain Marvel. Looked a lot closer to mine than other theaters. Will be going to Atlanta and will check out a Dolby Cinema there to see if that's close to my setup. There are some terrible theaters where I live so I wasn't sure what a movie was supposed to look like. I used to compare what I have at home to what's in a theater but I'm understanding I shouldn't do that...Blu-rays are much better from what I've seen so I'm searching to see if there are any theaters as good as Blu-ray. Thanks guys!
  3. That's good to hear...at least one director cares. Thanks.
  4. Hi Guys. I'm just here to learn about movie making for myself and watching on Blu-ray. Does Blu-ray get the same type of treatment feature films get when they're edited...like with color grading and other things? Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question...I'm new to all this technology, the process and how it all fits together from the making of the movie to the box office and to Blu-ray.
  5. Exactly! Why can't directors get together and do something to make theaters hold certain standards? I used to think Theaters set the standard for what movies should look like but not so much anymore. If they're supposed to look as good as Blu-ray then they're way off course and should be shut down as far as I'm concerned...it's an insult to movie makers to show movies like that. I'll have to assume a proper calibrated TV is closer to an accurate picture than the theaters I've been to. Thanks Manu!
  6. So your Plasma is close...that's what I wanted to hear. To me...sounds like your display is closer to what a picture should look like than the theaters I've been to and I'm assuming those theaters are not up to standards. I wish theaters were made to uphold certain standards but they aren't which is sad. I might look into one of those probes too. Thanks Bruce and everyone else!
  7. Thanks all you guys! A lot of very good information. Just got back from the theater and sadly I'm disappointed at what I saw. When the movies started I noticed some blurriness so went to talk to the manager...a kid barely out of his teens at best...and mentioned it to him. He went to take a look and I waited for him. He came back and said there was a 3D lens leaning against the projector lens or something to that effect so he moved it and did something else too and said it should be fine now. So I went back and didn't noticed any change at all. Anyway so the movie wasn't as dark as I thought it would be so that's good. It wasn't as clear or as sharp as my TV and didn't see the same level of detail either. Most theaters I've been to are along these lines so I don't really have a clue as to what a theater is supposed to look like. I know home projectors might be better because you're in control where in a theater you're not. There just doesn't seem to be anyone overlooking theaters these days so they can get away with anything and the general public doesn't know any better...me included but then they probably don't care either. It's a shame all the work you people put into making movies only to be shown in garbage theaters. To be honest I don't know what to make of it...maybe I'm wrong and I know I'm missing out and not understanding exactly what goes on in the making of movies....which brings me to Blu-ray. Do you guys edit, color grade and give special treatment to Blu-rays like you give to big screen theater movies... the same or similar treatment? I understand these are two different mediums so maybe I shouldn't be comparing one to the other. It could be that's just how a picture looks in a theater and I'm to ignorant to really understand the beauty it really has.
  8. Hi. I'm an avid movie watcher at theaters and at home. I'd like to get the opinion and advice from a cinematographer on something. Is what you and I see in your everyday normal movie theater the Directors Intent? Personally I like the soft, dim/dark, natural look I get at a theater but when I watch a Blu-ray at home on my Samsung 55 inch I seem to get a brighter and more detailed picture. I'm using the preset Cinema mode in a dark viewing room yet the picture "seems" a bit brighter than what I see in a theater. I bought Aquaman on 4K and watched it at home and am planning to go see it today in a theater to see the difference. To be honest I'm a bit confused as to what the Directors Intent really is...should I go by what I see in a theater or what I see on Blu-ray provided the TV is set up properly? Mine isn't calibrated but it is set to the Cinema mode. Anyway...again that's why I asked if what I see in a Theater is what a Director wants me to see. Thank you.
  9. I'm already there...other than the 3-4 movies I saw the last two weeks it's been many years since I went to a theater. Theaters sound about like TVs in most peoples homes...not set up correctly. Guess I might have to travel some distance even go out of town or state to see a real calibrated and properly set Movie Theater...if one exists. Talked to a guy the other day and he told me about the IMAX we have here and how bad it is. The screen has 4-5 vertical lines running down the screen and they won't fix it...costs to much and he told me how expensive it is to clean one....something like Two Hundred Thousand and if they mess it up...well you don't want to think about that...so they just let it go down the toilet instead...to be on the safe side. I think in time they'll close it instead of fix it and put up a Walmart. The IMAX here only shows 3D I think. My TV is fine and no...I'm not into the Soap Opera thing...I like 24fpm and don't care for 3D either...well it's ok and I'll watch it at someone else's house but not in mine. I have all the enhancements turned off. From what I've been reading and watching on you-tube reviews...generally a lower backlight setting in a dark room would be correct. That seems to be the one setting most don't say much about but seems to be an important one...to high or to low and you might not see the correct whites and blacks you calibrated to get so you'd think there would be a setting for the backlight too but there isn't...just suggested settings which are better than nothing I guess.
  10. Thanks Bruce! Other than the blacks and color would you say the softness and dimness in Theaters is generally accurate? The last movie I saw in a theater that looked sharp and crisp was Ex Machina a few years ago. Black Panther, Ready Player one and Pacific Rim Uprising looked soft which made me wonder. I was expecting them to have some sharpness and bold colors but didn't see it...they were also on the dark side. I know all movies in a theater won't be razor sharp but then they might not be meant to either...I'm just wondering what's accurate and what isn't...generally speaking as far as softness and dimness.
  11. Thanks Phil. I have my backlight down to 5...20 being max and I'm liking it. Watched Rogue One last night and it had a richer picture and looked closer to what's in a theater than the default Cinema which had it closer to max. The backlight seems to have been my problem...it being a little to high.
  12. Thanks Landon. I agree! I use my TV and Sound System for movies and not for anything else like sports and stuff. Nice to hear you mention projectors showing more of the soft side instead of the razor sharp edges and colors that jump off the screen like TVs are marketed to do...it's not what you see in theaters...which is what I thought TV calibration was supposed to be all about...to see what the directors want you to see and not calibrated for sports and other shows...the directors never said anything about other shows. I think I'll keep my Cinema settings since they're supposed to be close to calibrated and keep the backlight lower than the default setting...the picture looks almost identical to what I see in theaters. Maybe I've looked at to much in Best Buy and other peoples TVs which are misleading...at least as far as movies go. Since I've turned the backlight down it's made a world of difference.
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